Advances in technology and changes in legislation have created opportunities for forward thinking customs brokers to revolutionize the way in which Import / Export goods are cleared by Customs and Excise. “Deep Ocean Logistics” has consistently invested in the technology necessary for the Direct Trader Input (D.T.I.) of electronic entry data to Customs. This direct link to Customs owns computer ensures the fastest processing of import / export entry declarations to be completed simultaneously.
In addition to clearing cargo through its own transit sheds, “Deep Ocean Logistics” offer clearance at all other major sea ports and airports.
With a team of expert personnel experienced in all customs duty relief regimes and processing codes, “Deep Ocean Logistics” offer its clients the ultimate in professional, accurate and fast Pakistan customs clearance.
Our company doesn’t sit back only for handling but also nominate due to extent contacts with customs locally. This has also let us succeeded in large scale.

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